Transition to a School Psychology Career in K-12 Schools

It tSchool psychologist with PPS Credential meets with a student.akes a village. It may be a cliché in some areas, but not in education. Where understaffed schools and overwhelmed teachers are the new norm, you’re needed more than ever.

With the Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential in School Psychology Program, you will be prepared to fulfill an important role as a guiding light during one of the most formative educational journeys.

The PPS Credential in School Psychology is designed for those individuals with a master’s degree in an education, psychology, or counseling field and seek to pursue a career as a practicing California school psychologist.

In addition to completing core and assessment courses specific to the practice of School Psychology, candidates complete applied learning experiences through practicum hours at approved school sites. The program culminates in a required 1,200-hour PPS Credential internship. All coursework and a comprehensive examination must be completed prior to beginning the internship.

Candidates of our PPS Credential in School Psychology Program may be eligible to receive transfer credit for designated courses.

Program Overview

  • Minimum 27 units of core curriculum + 10 units of PPS credential internship. Total number of units will vary dependent upon each candidate’s academic graduate record and course equivalents.
  • Maximum of 450 practicum hours. Total practicum hours will vary dependent upon each candidate’s approved course waivers.
  • 1,200 PPS Credential internship hours.
  • Online hybrid classes designed for working adults.
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio mean students receive individualized academic attention.
  • No GRE requirement.

Online Hybrid Locations

Our PPS Credential in School Psychology Program is an online hybrid program with on-ground component required for program completion through our California campuses in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Irvine, and Fresno.

Transfer Graduate Credit Evaluation

Interested in finding out how your prior graduate units may transfer into our program? Call us at 1-866-825-5426 or complete the following request for information form.

Earn Your Master’s in School Psychology

This credential program results only in the award of a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved PPS credential in School Psychology — it does not result in a master’s degree. For those interested in becoming a school psychologist and who need to first earn their master’s, explore our Master’s in School Psychology with PPS Credential Program.

Get Started Today!

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