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Dary Fiorentino

Assistant Professor

Dary Fiorentino has interests in organizational change, motivation, and traffic safety. He has directed several laboratory and field studies sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences. He is the author of several published articles and reports; and he is the developer of the seated battery of sobriety tests that has been adopted by […]

Patricia Denise Lopez

Associate Professor

Lynne Valek

Visiting Associate Professor

Dale Glaser

Principal Lecturer

John Kantor

Associate Program Director (I-O)

Sherry Camden-Anders

Org. Psychology Program Director

Dr. Camden-Anders has been an organization development (OD) consultant and a provider of employee education and development since 1978. As a free lance consultant, she has consulted to a variety of clients in both public and private sectors. She has held executive management and senior consultant positions during her career within major corporations: UOP (Manager – Organization & Employee Development, Director/Team Leader – Worldwide Change […]

Mary Fambrough

Fellow, Rockway Institute

Nurcan Ensari

Systemwide Program Dir., LA Program Dir.

Jonathan Troper

Director, CIC, Los Angeles

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