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CSPP Alumni Class Notes

Winter 2013 Updates

Alumna Nicole Levin (CFT MA,’13) is hosting the CFT alumni group meeting December 11, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. on the San Diego Campus (library room 209).

The CFT Alumni Group is a once a month, alumni-lead, networking event for Alliant’s CFT Alumni living in San Diego. It is an excellent way for alumni to stay connected with each other and CSPP faculty. Alumni will have the opportunity to network with their colleagues, professors, and previous CFT students at the CSPP-San Diego Campus. Alumni and/or faculty members will have the opportunity to present on the latest research in the field and share when upcoming workshops/lectures are available in the community. Food and beverages will be provided.
Please RSVP to

The following CSPP-San Diego alumni were recently published (citations below): Starr McKinnon, Casandra Camacho, Lauren Ampolos, Sandra Cullins, Paula Sigafus and Janina Scarlet:

Camacho, C.*, Mackinnon, S., Ampolos, L., Gevirtz, R.N., Boutelle, K (2011) Food exposure, cravings, and physiological reactivity in normal-weight subjects. Appetite; 57.

MacKinnon,S.*, Gevirtz, R.N., McCraty, R., & Brown, M. (2013) Utilizing Heartbeat Evoked Potentials to Identify Cardiac Regulation of Vagal Afferents During Emotion and Resonant Breathing, Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 38,(1)

Cullins, S.*,Gevirtz , R.N., Poeltler,D., Cousins,L., Harpin,R.E., and Muench, F. (2013) An Exploratory Analysis of the Utility of Adding Cardiorespiratory Biofeedback in the Standard Care of Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension, Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 38,(3), 161-170

Sigafus, S *, Gevirtz, R.N., Alhassoon, O.,  Hubbard,D., Scarlet, Janina,  Guiles,R.,&Stern, M. (2012) ; Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback and Mindfulness:A Functional Neuroimaging Study. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Volume 37 Number 4(Abstract).

Fall 2013 Updates

Chaplain Barry C. Black, PhD (USIU Clinical PhD, ’96) is now the US Senate Chaplain and was featured last month in the New York Times. Read more.

Dr. Michael Doyle (CSPP-SD, Clinical PhD, ’91) shares, “ I am presently on the faculty of two universities here in England…..University of London and University of Birmingham.  I also continue my work as a Roman Catholic priest…I would love see any CSPP- San Diego alumni who are passing through London.   I have fond memories of my years at CSPP San Diego and I remember the hard work that it took to get my degree and the support I received from the dedicated faculty.”  If you are a CSPP-San Diego alumnus and plan on visiting London, please email the CSPP alumni office ( and we can put you in touch with Dr. Doyle.

Dr. Rezvan Ameli (CSPP-SD, Clinical PhD, ’86) has been at the NIMH for the past 13 years after prior faculty positions at Yale University and the University of Connecticut, and recently published a book on the subject of mindfulness. It is entitled 25 Lessons in Mindfulness: Now Time for Healthy Living  and is available on

Dr. Priscilla Cogan (CSPP-SD, Clinical PhD ’78) recently published her sixth novel. Clinging to the Moon. Her Winona series went worldwide in multiple translations. Needless to say, her novels tend to feature a psychologist!

Dr. Kerry Barth (CSPP-SD, PsyD CFT ’09) and CSPP-SD CFT Site Director Dr. Marianne Miller published an article entitled ”Piecing Together the Shattered Heirloom: Parents’ Experiences of Relationship Resilience After the Violent Death of a Child.” Click here for the article.

Welcome to Dr. Mary Oling-Sisay, our new Vice-President of Student Services who takes over for Dr. Mike Pittenger, who has retired after decades of service at CSPP-San Diego.

CSPP-San Diego alumni: We’d like to hear from you! If you’d like to submit an update for a future newsletter, please use the link below in the “Handy Alumni Links” section.

Events & Classes:

Our Infant Preschooler Mental Health (IPMH) Graduate Certificate program is now offering classes on the San Diego campus. Alumna Dr. Sue Ammen (CSPP-Fresno, Clinical PhD, ’89), and long-time CSPP-Fresno faculty member is the Director of our IPMH program. For information on the program, how to apply, and the spring schedule, please click here.

Yoga!  Alumni, did you know you can participate in yoga classes at the San Diego campus. If interested, please email


Attention SD Organizational Psychology Alumni! CSPP will be hosting a Networking Mixer the evening of Friday, May 16 at the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology Conference in Honolulu, HI. If you are planning on going to SIOP, please email   For now, please save the date!


Handy CSPP Alumni Links:

San Diego Campus Information

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Spring 2013 Alumni Updates

Dr. Laurie Kolt (CSPP-San Diego, Clinical PhD ’82) shares, “CSPP was an excellent place to go.”

Jennifer Wilson, JD, Vice-President for Administration and General Counsel for USIU and Alliant for the past 15 years, has left her position to pursue other opportunities. As our President, Geoffrey Cox wrote, “she has been extraordinarily dedicated to our university for the past fifteen years, devoting her time, talents and energy to every member of our community.” We sincerely thank Jennifer for her distinguished service to Alliant’s students, faculty, staff and alumni and for her support of CSPP. If you would like to express your appreciation to Jennifer, please email and we will make sure she gets your note.

In Memoriam – Dr. Maurice Zemlick (CSPP-San Diego Founding Faculty and first Dean of our CSPP-SD campus). Dr. Zemlick passed away March 1 at the age of 88.  Dr. Steven Bucky, Distinguished Professor at CSPP-San Diego and Director of Professional Training, fondly remembers Maury “as a pioneer in psychology, with a strong commitment to excellence in clinical practice and training and was instrumental in the growth and development of psychology as a profession in San Diego, in California and through the country.”  Our CSPP community sends our condolences to his familly, friends, former colleagues and students.


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