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CSPP at the National Multicultural Conference & Summit 2019: Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion

Alliant International University
Published on: 01/14/2019
Last Updated: 05/08/2023
2 minute read

The biennial National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) is scheduled to convene in Denver, Colorado from January 16-18, 2019. This conference brings psychologists, community members, educators, advocates, and researchers from across the United States together to present and share current and cutting-edge issues related to multiculturalism, diversity, social justice, and inclusion.

The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) has a long-standing history of focusing on multicultural psychology and the advocacy for equality and equity as well as the fight against oppression of marginalized persons and communities. At NMCS, CSPP faculty, students, and graduates will get a chance to showcase their work. Some of the presentations include (CSPP-affiliated presenters are listed in bold):

  • Finding Belonging and Fighting for Visibility: Queer and Trans Asian American Families. Jan Estrellado, PhD, Felipe & A. Breen, A.
  • Holding on to Audre: Self-care for LGBTQ+ and POC Graduate Students. A. E. Miller & Jan Estrellado, PhD
  • Surviving Graduate School as a Queer and Trans Student of Color. Jan Estrellado, PhD & E. Miller
  • Empowering LGBTQ Youth Through Mobile Technology. Crystal Ferrendelli, BS & George Gharibian, PhD
  • Creating New Spaces Through Multicultural Feminism. Wendy Peters, PhD, Anita Mihecoby, PhD, Julii Green, PhD
  • Trauma and Well-Being Among Asian American Women: Feminist Approaches in Research and Practice. Khanh T. Dinh PhD, Ivy K. Ho, PhD, Yuying Tsong, PhD & Debra M. Kawahara, PhD
  • Journey to Gender Non-Conformity: A Grounded Theory Study. Brooke Ferragamo & Michael Loewy, PhD
  • Can We Get Along: Managing Margins/Intersectionality of Sexuality, Gender, and Culture. Eduardo Morales, PhD, Lee Beckstead & Suiaimon Giwa

If you will be attending NMCS 2019, please come and check out the various presentations from our esteemed CSPP family. We will also have an exhibit table that will be staffed by various CSPP faculty if you want to discuss their expertise and experiences. We hope to see you there!

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