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Certificate Programs in Healthcare and IT Skills Training from California School of Management & Leadership

Alliant International University
Published on: 04/01/2013
Last Updated: 05/08/2023
2 minute read

California School of Management & Leadership (CSML) has announced a series of certificate programs, designed to train students with the skills and capabilities to gain employment in the healthcare or IT industries. These short, 50-hour certificates are designed as self-paced learning and training programs which include hands-on exposure and technology mediated learning.

The programs are provided in partnership with Able-Disabled Advocacy’s TechWORKS program and a grant from the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.  San Diego county residents who are unemployed or under-employed for six months or more can apply for a full scholarship for these certificates. Alliant students, as well as anyone externally from San Diego county, can apply for the certificates.

CSML’s Dr. Rachna Kumar and Dr. Rene Naert oversee these programs. “The ultimate mission of the training in these certificate programs is to impact unemployment in San Diego County within the healthcare and IT segments. We are blessed to be able to provide these training options along with scholarships for qualified applicants,” said Dr. Kumar.

Email Dr. Kumar at, or get more information regarding the healthcare and  IT certificate programs.

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