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Achievements of Fresno Organizational Psychology Faculty

Alliant International University
Alliant International University
Published 04/09/2013
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  • Drs. Sherry Camden-Anders, program director, and Toni Knott, associate professor, at CSPP in Fresno, have a chapter in the fourth edition (2012) of "Global and International Organization Development" by Soresen, P., Yaeger, T., Head, T., & Cooperrider, D. The chapter is titled, “Contrasts in Culture: Practicing OD globally,” and includes research conducted in the Czech Republic and France. Both authors describe each case study, as well as the importance of congruence between the intervention and culture, and the application of Hofstede, Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner's work in cross-cultural efforts.
  • Drs. Sherry Camden-Anders, program director, and Larry Anders, adjunct faculty, at CSPP in Fresno, contributed as panelists for four case studies written by Homer Johnson of Loyola University in Chicago. The studies will be published in a book on organizational case studies by Sorensen, P., and Yaeger, T., from Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois to be released this year. Dr. Camden-Anders is also collaborating with Dr. Richard Stackman of the University of San Francisco on the design of Student's Day at the Annual OD Network Conference, Oct 5-8, 2013.
  • Dr. Toni Knott, associate professor, at CSPP in Fresno, has been designated as chair, and Dr. Lynne Valek, visiting associate professor, at CSPP in Fresno, will serve as both a member and mentor, for the Student Paper Competition hosted by the OD Network at its Annual Conference. Currently, Dr. Valek serves on the editorial board of the journal OD Practitioner and Dr. Knott serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Global Business Management.
  •  Dr. Peggy Grant, visiting assistant professor at CSPP in Fresno, accepted a promotion to director of professional practice, community hospitals. She will lead an interdisciplinary team that focuses on nursing education, process improvement and patient satisfaction.

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