To order transcripts from Alliant International University (including from legacy institutions such as USIU and CSPP), please use the Order Your Transcript link below:

Transcript FAQs

All transcript requests and payments can be made through our online service. No phone, fax, or email requests can be accepted.

Please click on the Order Your Transcript link to review current costs.

The student ID number is optional in the order form. It is helpful if you can provide it, but it is not required.

An official transcript will be printed on official transcript paper that contains Alliant International University’s logo and the university registrar’s signature. The official document will be sealed in an official transcript envelope that will then be placed into a separate envelope addressed to the requested recipient.

An unofficial transcript will be printed on regular copy paper. It will not contain Alliant International University’s logo or the university registrar’s signature. The unofficial document will be placed directly into an envelope addressed to the requested recipient.

Please click on the Order Your Transcript link to review current processing times.

Transcripts can be mailed overnight to a valid address. Transcripts CANNOT be overnighted to a P.O. Box address.

“Overnight” orders to addresses outside of the continental USA will NOT arrive the next day, but will arrive faster and include a tracking number.

Unfortunately credit card information cannot be taken over the phone. All payments can be made online.

For security purposes, electronic PDF transcripts will expire after 30 days, even if it has been saved to your computer or forwarded to another party.

To retain a copy, you will need to print it. Please be aware that printed copies of a PDF electronic transcript will bear the institution watermark and will be considered unofficial.

You only need to submit one transcript request. The transcript issued will contain your full academic record.

Official and unofficial transcripts must be ordered separately.

On the order page, click the link “Order Your Transcript” to be directed to the Welcome Center for ordering transcripts. Here there will be respective links for ordering an unofficial or official transcript.

As Chancellor University is now closed, all transcript requests must be made through the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. Below are steps to obtain your official transcript:

  1. Visit:
  2. Find the dropdown menu titled “Consumer Information”
  3. Click “Student Transcripts” to fill out your request form
  4. Return completed form


Contact Information:

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