A master’s degree represents a commitment to not just a chosen career path but also to your life’s work. For example, ask anyone who’s received their master’s in marriage and family therapy, applied criminology, or even teaching—their careers, and the rest of their lives are forever interconnected.

Alliant’s master’s degree programs continue building upon the theories, research, innovations, and technologies learned in the undergraduate program, but provide an even more enriching experience to equip you in your future career.

Many of Alliant’s master’s programs are offered online, which allows you flexibility while you complete your program. These online programs also task students with completing an on ground component, providing the necessary hands-on experience to build knowledge and expertise heading into your career.

The Alliant Choice

At Alliant’s California campuses and online, you’ll learn from highly reputable faculty that will encourage you to reach all your academic and personal goals. And, with rigorous master’s degree programs and the Alliant commitment to excellence, you’ll find yourself better equipped to pursue your career fully while applying your knowledge to the challenges facing your field.

Beyond the academics, you’ll find a culture at Alliant that is welcoming and promotes diversity. And this brings with it not only an atmosphere of acceptance, but one that allows you to learn from other perspectives and cultures—translating your academic experience to human growth and better understanding of your peers.

See our full list of master’s degree programs at one of our California campuses or online. Contact Alliant to learn more.