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Alliant International University can provide expertise on the following topics. Please search for the topic of interest by the first letter.

Alternative Teacher Certification
Anger Management
Asian-American Mental Health
Assessment Coaching
Autism, Developmental Disorders

Behavioral Change, Health
Behavioral Science, Relevance To The Practice Of Medicine
Biofeedback/Applied Psychophysiology
Body Image
Brain Development And Closed Head Injuries
Bullying, Cyber/Internet

Career Change
Career Choice
Change In Organizations
Child Abuse, Violent And/Or Sexual
Child Custody; Parenting
Child Development
Child Neglect
Child Psychopathology
Child Sexual Abuse
Childhood Trauma
Closed Head Injuries And Brain Development
Coaching Executive Assessment
Community Psychology
Complex Trauma
Conflict Resolution
Couples Therapy
Crime Prevention
Criminal Offenders And Death Penalty Cases
Criminal Profiling
Critical Incidents (Ex. An Officer-Involved Shooting)
Cross-Border Business
Cross-Cultural Management
Cultural Identity
Custody Decisions, How They Are Made
Custody Evaluation, How Custody Decisions Are Made

Death And Bereavement
Developmental Neuropsychology
Developmental Psychopathology
Disabilities, Children, Adolescents, Or Adults
Discrimination And Weight/Looks
Discrimination In The Workforce
Diversity, Multiculturalism, And Inclusion In Organizations
Domestic Violence

Elder Abuse
Emotional Intelligence
End Of Life Issues
Entrepreneurship And Family Business
Ethical Issues In The Practice Of Psychology
Ethnic And Cultural Identity
Executive Assessment Coaching
Executive Coaching, Enhancing Individual And Team Performance
Executive Development And Leadership
Expert Witness Testimony And Issues
Eye Witness Credibility

Family, Couple, Marriage, And/Or Relationship Issues
Family/Domestic Violence
Family Law
Family Therapy
Forensic Psychology
Forensic Studies

Gang Violence And Prevention
Gay And Lesbian Individual/Family Issues
Gay And Lesbian Public Policy
Group And Intergroup Behavior
Group Dynamics
Group Dynamics In The Workplace


Health Behavior Change (Ex. Obesity, Smoking, Exercise)
Health Behavior Change, In Developing Countries
Health Disparities
Health Psychology Of Minorities
Healthy Organizations And How To Develop Them
HIV Positive Individuals, Working With In Therapy
Human Resources

Impact Of Psychological Factors On Health
India As A Market For Educational Degrees
Intercultural Communication
International Research, Health Behavior
International Relations
Interpersonal Aggression
Interpersonal Relationships

Japanese And Japanese-American Mental Health Issues
Japanese Culture
Jury Selection
Jury, Understanding And Behaviors
Juvenile Delinquency

Latinos/Latinas In The United States
LGBT Individual/Family Issues
LGBT Public Policy And Advocacy
LGBT Youth

Marital Therapy
Mental Health And African Americans
Mental Health And Asian Americans
Mental Health And The Japanese
Minority Health Psychology
Mood Disorders
Multicultural Issues

Neurological Development And Early Trauma
Neuropsychology, Forensic Practice
Non-Physicians–Increased Scope Of Practice Issues

Occupational Stress
Offshore Projects–Management
Organizational Inclusion Of Minorities
Organizational Openness

Peace Psychology And Violence Prevention
Peer Relationships
Performance, Enhancing Individuals
Personnel Selection
Police Psychology
Politics Of Latin America
Politics Of Mexico
Politics Of The United States
Practice Of Medicine, Relevance Of Behavioral Science
Prescription Authority For Psychologists
Prison/Correctional Psychology
Psychological Assessment Of Children
Psychological Factors, Impact On Health
Psychological Practice, Ethical Issues
Public Policy
Public Policy, LGBT

Racial Harassment
Rape, Sexual Assault
Relationships In The Workplace
Relationship Issues
Rorschach Tests

School Violence, Higher Education
School Violence, Warning Signs
Sexual Abuse/Assault
Sexual Abuse, Clergy And Teacher
Sexual Assault/Rape
Sexual Harassment
Sibling Abuse
Sibling Relationships
Social Justice
Social Skills
Software Productivity Improvement
Strategic Change In An International Context
Strategic Management
Stress And Law Enforcement

Teaching, Alternative Credentialing
Teaching, Persistence In Teaching
Teaching, Surviving The First Year
Teaching English As A Second Language
Technology Mediated Learning, Emotions, And Culture In Organizational Success
Technology Transfer To Developing Nations
Teen Violence
Therapy Patients, Psychic Mediums
Threat Assessment

Underserved Populations And Mental Health

Violence, Gang
Violence Prediction
Violence Prevention
Violent Attachments

War Metaphor
Witness Testimony/Coercion
Work Conflict
Work Dysfunctions
Workforce Discrimination
Workplace Group Dynamics
Workplace Relationships
Workplace Violence
Workplace Wellbeing
World Affairs

Youth Issues (LGBT, Homeless, Thrown Away, Runaway)