Gerontology Certificate Program (San Diego)

This specialization/certificate program aims to provide advanced education and training in the practice of psychology and family systems to gerontology. The certificate will be appropriate for CSPP students or postgraduate professionals who desire to add this area of specialization to their professional work. The latter group will be able to take the courses required for the certificate on a non-credit basis, paying the usual audit fee. Students working on graduate degrees will register for these classes either to meet concentration and elective requirements or as a certificate program to be added to their degree program.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The Gerontology Specialization/Certificate (4 courses -12 units)

PSY 6268 – Psychological Practice in Gerontology (3 units)
PSY 6270 – Evaluation and Assessment of Elderly Persons (3 units)
PSY 7265 – Aging: Psychological and Religious Development in Adults (3 units)
PSY 7263 – Death, Loss and Grief (3 units)

For more information on the prerequisites and courses for this program, please refer to the academic catalog.