Meet Your New Mentors: CSPP’s Illustrious Faculty

The California School of Professional Psychology is very proud of our accomplished faculty. Our professors’ collective expertise covers an extraordinary range of topics, about which they teach, study and publish. Experts can be found for most disorders and for assessment and intervention techniques across the life span.

Faculty members working as practitioners are a critical part of CSPP’s community involvement and demonstrate a commitment to the combination of academic rigor and practical experience that is our hallmark. You will thrive under the mentorship in the classroom and in the field that demonstrates our professors’ dedication to student development.

Learn From Psychology’s Famous Names

Because CSPP has a tradition of attracting world and nationally renowned experts in diverse specialties of psychology, you will be learning from the very best. Many of the leading pioneers in the field have taught in our CSPP programs, including Virginia Satir, Carl Whitaker, James Framo, Ivan Böszörményi-Nagy, Norman Paul, Edwin Driedman, Maurizio Andolfi, Susan Johnson, Jay Haley, Carl Rogers, Victor Frankl and Abraham Maslow.

Be Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges

CSPP faculty members are committed to advancing the profession and dedicated to training professionals to meet the behavioral science challenges of today and tomorrow in a multicultural society.