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At this year’s Annual American Psychological Association Convention, the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) was well represented with more than 105 presentations and posters by students and faculty! Several of our students’ posters and presentations won awards and many of our faculty were recognized for their achievements (listed below).

Special thanks to Michael Newman and Erica Nogueira for running the CSPP exhibit booth during the convention as well as organizing the Alliant Alumni and Friends Annual Reception. The reception was very well attended and featured positive remarks by Provost Russ Newman and Interim CSPP Dean Dalia Ducker.

Congratulations to the following CSPP Faculty and Students:

  • Debra Kawahara (CSPP-SD PhD Faculty and Interim Assistant Dean) AAPA Fellow Status
  • Shannen Vong (CSPP-LA Student) Minority Fellowship Program Achievement Award
  • Diane Zelman (CSPP-Hong Kong Faculty) received APA Division 52 Henry David International Mentoring Award
  • John Caffaro (CSPP-LA PsyD Faculty) received APA Division 43 Award for Distinguished Contributions to Family Therapy
  • Rodney Lowman (CSPP-SD Organizational Psychology Faculty) APA Presidential Citation for his impressive efforts in internationalizing multiculturalism, his leadership in the APA as the Chair of the Board of Convention Affairs and as Council Representative of Division 14, and his rejuvenation of Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research (CPJ).Teacher, mentor and advocate for students, Rodney Lowman, PhD has dedicated his professional life to the ethical application of psychological principles in organizational/consultative settings. He has been a vociferous advocate for advanced training guidelines in consulting psychology. His many scholarly works speak to his dedication to leave a body of work for students of consulting and industrial psychology to build upon. Dr. Lowman has worked tirelessly and at times, almost singlehandedly, to transform the Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research into an invaluable source for peer-reviewed articles on organizational and consulting psychology. His most recent book, Internationalizing Multiculturalism: Expanding Professional Competencies in a Globalized World, makes clear that psychology is evolving on a global stage and that psychologists—all of us—need to learn, grow and change to become competent in it.
  • Ashley Houston (CSPP-SD PhD Student), Riley Cropper (CSPP-SD PhD Student), and Marie Ardill (CSPP-SD PhD Student)received an Outstanding Poster Award from Division 56
  • Michi Fu (CSPP-LA PhD Faculty) accepted to APA’s Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology (LIWP) cohort
  • Sara Moini (CSPP-LA Student) won the Division 43 Student Research Award with a significant stipend
  • Andrew Ross Davis (CSPP-SF Student) received the 2014 American Society for the Advancement of the Pharmacotherapy (Div. 55) Patrick H. DeLeon Award
  • Meline Arzoumanian (CSPP-Fresno Student) was picked by Division 56 to present her poster
  • Brittanny Greenbaum (CSPP-SD PhD Student) inspired the Science Committee chair to start the process for a consensus committee for 56 on defining physical abuse
  • Reiko Homma-True (CSPP-Japan Faculty) was the mentor to the Division 35 Pioneer Award recipient, Christine Yeh

If you received an award at APA and it is not listed above, please email details to Melissa at and we will gladly update this blog post.


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