LGBT Pride 2013 Celebrations in San Francisco and San Diego Include Alliant for Second Year


Alliant International University joined the celebration at LGBT Pride 2013 events in San Francisco and San Diego this summer. Students, faculty and staff, plus family and friends, marched in parades for the second year of what is becoming an annual Alliant tradition.

First was the pride parade and celebration in San Francisco on June 30, 2013, followed by San Diego on July 13, 2013. These events help Alliant take one more step forward in developing campus communities that both support and appreciate diversity.

Dean Morgan Sammons of Alliant's California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) reflected on these two very important events on our multicultural calendar in a post on his Dean's Blog.

Check out some pictures and video from each event:


See a few more photos from San Diego Pride 2013 on Facebook.

Watch a video from  San Francisco Pride 2013 featuring Alliant.

A special thank you goes out to CitySightseeing of San Francisco for donating a double-decker bus for the Alliant group to ride in the parade. Also to Student Sarah Saleh for arranging the bus donation.


Another special thanks goes to Meg Hardin, San Francisco Pride Committee chair, and Jame Ellis, San Diego Pride Committee chair.

The San Francisco Pride Committee would also like to acknowledge and thank Michael Loewy and his partner who brought terrific music; Mary Fambrough for bringing food and helping as a contingent monitor; Betsy Gomez and her husband who made a special effort to be contingent monitors; and the fantastic students who helped with planning, contingent monitor training, bus design and post-parade clean up: Jeannette Bergfeld, Raquel Henry, Simon Ferber, Jeannette Bergfeld, Ken Perez, Kristen Wortman, and Jessica Valencia.


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