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CSPP-Alumna Caren Caty was appointed as a Senior Fellow to the American Humane Association, Humane Research and Policy(TM) division. 

CSPP-SF Alumna LeighAnn DeJesse and Dr. Diane Zelman professor and associate program director, CSPP-HK & SF, had their article, “Promoting Optimal Mental Health-nutritionist Collaboration in the Treatment of Eating Disorders,” accepted for publication in the journal Eating Disorders. Their work based on the above article was also accepted for presentation at the Eastern Psychological Association in March 2013.

CSPP-SD Alumna Miranda Gilmore and Dr. Marianne McInnes Miller, associate professor, CSPP-SD, published the following article based on Gilmore’s dissertation:

Alumna Melissa Hosboyar had a poster accepted to the Western Psychological Association’s 93rd Annual Convention, based on research conducted under the supervision of Dr. Nurcan Ensari, professor, CSPP–LA.

  • Hosboyar, M., Ensari, N., & Lopez, D. (accepted). An experimental study on flexible work arrangements and job satisfaction. Western Psychological Association, Reno, U.S., April, 2013.

CSPP-SF Alumnus Mauricio Lask presented his dissertation work on chaos theory as a model for recovery from depression at the 22nd Annual International Conference for the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences.

Alumna Sandra Mashihi, CSPP-LA, class of 2007, is second author of the article, "Evidence Based Answers to 15 Questions about Leveraging 360-Degree Feedback," winner of the 2012 Elliot Jacques Best Paper of the Year Award for Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research. Mashihi also co-taught the fall 2012 course in executive coaching at CSPP-LA with Dr. Ken Nowack of Envisia Learning.

Christauria Welland, CSPP-SD alumna, was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Border Angels, a San Diego-based nonprofit group. Dr. Welland and her award were featured in an article by UT-San Diego: “Border Angels Honor ‘Living Saint’.”

Alumna Christina Wilson, PhD, CSPP-SF, class of 2012, has the following recent, upcoming publications and presentations:


  • West, L. M., Stepleman, L. M., Wilson, C. K., Campbell, J., Villarosa, M., Bodie, B., & Decker. M. (2012). It’s supposed to be personal: Personal and educational factors associated with sexual health attitudes, knowledge, comfort and skill in health professions students. American Journal of Sexuality Education. doi: 10.1080/15546128.2012.740945
  • Wilson, C.K., Hill, A., Lamis, D.A. (in press). Postdoctoral training in professional psychology. In W.B. Johnson & N.J. Kaslow (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Education & Training in Professional Psychology. New York. Oxford University Press.


  • Wilson, C.K., Lamis, D.A., Winn, S. (2013, July/August). Spiritual well-being and parenting stress in abused African American women. Paper to be presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Honolulu, HI.
  • Macapagal, K. R., Valvano, A., Penwell, L. M., Wilson, C. K., West, L., & Stepleman, L. M. (2013, April). Medical students’ attitudes and experiences related to disability and sexuality. Society for Sex Therapy and Research Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD.
  • Penwell, L., Stepleman, L., West, L., Wilson, C.K., Waller, J., & Valvano, A. (2013, January). Health professions’ roles in treating sexual dysfunction: A look at student perspectives. Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers Annual Conference, Nashville, TN.
  • Stepleman, L.M., Wilson, C.K., West, L., Penwell, L. & Valvano, A. (2013, January). A comparison of health professions students’ reported barriers to addressing the sexual health needs of patients. Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers Annual Conference, Nashville, TN.

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