Faculty Win Statewide Health Planning and Development Awards


Congratulations to three of our Alliant faculty who received awards from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

Dr. Angela Kim has received a grant of $12,000. The project will provide racial and ethnic minority at-risk youth (middle and high school students) with economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to participate in a health career fair/conference to gain exposure to the various mental/behavioral health professions, in which they are underrepresented.  The program will advance and promote awareness, involvement and mutually beneficial relationships between the racial and ethnic minority at risk youth, parents, higher education institutions, mental/behavioral health organizations/institutions, community organizations and mental/behavioral health professionals.

Dr. Janie Pinterits has received a grant of $12,000. The Fresno Behavioral Health Conference & Career Fair will provide Latino, Hmong and other underrepresented and disadvantaged community members, students from local high schools, community colleges and universities opportunities to explore behavioral healthcare careers. Over 200 participants will engage in a day of presentations, workshops and discussions with representatives from more than 20 federal, state and community agencies to talk about job and educational opportunities and receive guidance on behavioral healthcare careers in order to strengthen the educational and social foundations for underrepresented students and community members pursuing careers in behavioral health.

Dr. Linna Wang has received a grant of $12,000. The Rural Alliance Healthcare Career Expo will expose over 100 low-income middle school students, particularly students of Latino, African American, Native American and multiracial background, in rural areas to healthcare career options by engaging and connecting students and their parents with different healthcare professional partners and healthcare students and educators. Students will attend a healthcare career fair to interact with students, educators, and practitioners of different healthcare professions.


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