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Interim Program Director and Professor of forensic psychology Dr. Glenn. S. Lipson is presenting at the upcoming National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification's (NASDTEC) 18th Annual Professional Practices Institute (PPI) for  for state, province, and country regulators and investigators. The conference will be held in Newport, Rhode Island on October 28-30, 2014. 

Under the theme, Educator Integrity—Shining a Beacon for the Profession, Lipson's session topic is "Working with Experts" which is focused on assisting state regulatory boards in working with mental health professionals. His presence at this conference reflects well on Alliant's commitment to education and the community. 

Further, Lipson was central to the creation of NASDTEC's Professional Practices Academy (PPA), for which open enrollment will be announced at the conference. The PPA is a set of online elearning modules that address issues related to the professional practice of educators. NASDTEC's September 2014 Communicator newsletter offers more details about the Academy:

The NASDTEC Executive Board is pleased to announce that NASDTEC has entered into an agreement with The Ethics Consortium to develop online eLearning modules to address issues related to the professional practice of educators. The Academy will provide interactive elearning modules that can be used by educators, jurisdictions, school districts, and educator preparation programs to strengthen the professional practices skills and knowledge of educators. The modules will also be a resource that jurisdictions may use to support educators who need remedial training in order to return to or stay in the classroom. Each module will be built so educators can register, pay, and complete the training at their convenience. The Learning Management System (LMS) will also provide the jurisdiction with automatic documentation of completion. Modules for the Academy will be developed exclusively upon the request of the NASDTEC Executive Board based upon topics identified by NASDTEC members. Each module will be reviewed and approved by the NASDTEC Professional Practices Committee (PPC) prior to being released. The PPC will also be responsible for the regular review and updates for each of the modules.

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