Dr. Christian Wandeler and Fresno Student Presentations Accepted for the Third World Congress on Positive Psychology


Congratulations to Adjunct Faculty in Alliant's California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in Fresno Dr. Christian Wandeler, who coordinated a series of presentations with students that were accepted for the Third World Congress on Positive Psychology. The conference, put on by the International Positive Psychology Association, will be held at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles from June 27-30, 2013.

The presentations by Dr. Wandeler and our Fresno psychology students are as follows:

  • Karyn Delichte - "Hope as resource in an environment of standardized testing and tracking based on achievement?"
  • Teresa Ann Fernandez - "Family background, parental involvement and levels of children's hope"
  • Felix Kadva - "Hope paves the way: Family background, parental behavior, reading motivation, test taking, career ambitions, and vocational competency development"
  • James Lehman - "iAstronaut: Hope as rocket fuel for children's career ambitions"
  • Lindsey Machicote - "Hope and reading motivation as resources for reading test performance"
  • Kathryn Yoshida - "Hope as a predictor of competency in vocational educational training: Opposing extremes under the lens"
  • Dr. Christian Wandeler - "Hope and self-determination at the workplace"

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