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Dr. Jei Africa (CSPP-Alameda Clinical PsyD '02 and CSPP-SF Postdoctoral MS in Clinical Psychopharmacology '07) recently established the Jei Africa Dissertation Award for Filipino American Studies, and we are pleased to announce that we have selected the first recipient of the Award, Jacqueline Jimenez. Ms. Jimenez' dissertation topic is "Transnational Parenting: The Experience of Filipino Immigrant Mothers Who Have Left Their Children in the Phillipines." Thank you Dr. Africa for your generosity, and congratulations Jacqueline!

Dr. Teresa Chapa (CSPP-Berkeley Clinical PhD ’92) is currently featured in an alumni spotlight on our website. She is a senior policy advisor at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health. Dr. Chapa leads behavioral health and integrated care initiatives within the federal Office of Minority Health aimed at eliminating disparities in mental health and substance use among under-represented and underserved racial and ethnic minorities, and limited English-speaking minority populations.

Dr. LeighAnn DeJesse (CSPP-SF Clinical PsyD '12) and Dr. Diane Zelman (CSPP-SF, Postdoctoral MS/Clinical Psychopharmocology '11, and Professor and Associate Program director, CSPP-HK & SF), had their article, "Promoting Optimal Mental Health-nutritionist Collaboration in the Treatment of Eating Disorders,” accepted for publication in the journal Eating Disorders. Their work based on the above article was also accepted for presentation at the Eastern Psychological Association in March.

Dr. Eugene Dilan (CSPP-Alameda, Clinical PsyD '99) is the current Chair of CPA Division III and President of Dilan Consulting Group. Dr. Dilan organized the CPA Division III Northern California event at the CSPP-SF earlier this month in conjunction with the SF Organization Psychology program. Dr. Chris Tobin, another alum, was the keynote speaker (see below).

Dr. Nina Ghiselli (CSPP-Alameda, Clinical PsyD '00, CSPP-SF Adjunct Faculty & current Director for Accessibility Services for CSPP/Alliant) has created the Office of Accessibility (formerly Office of Disability Services) Online Resource Center. Please also explore their Facebook page -- a recent post was a NY Times article about "Disability and Discrimination at the Doctor's Office."

Dr. George Hu (CSPP-SF, Clinical PsyD '11) wrote a piece entitled "Working Internationally as an Early Career Professional: My Journey" for the international affairs newsletter of APA.

Dr. Alexis Shoemate (CSPP-SF, Organizational Psychology PhD ’03) recently left Alliant International University after 5 years of service with our Institutional Research Department. She is now the Director of Operations for Party Corps, whose mission is to connect good people to good causes through music.

Dr. Chris Tobin (CSPP-SF, Organizational Psychology PhD '05) presented in our San Francisco Organizational Psychology Colloquium Series earlier this month on the topic of "Translating Business Priorities Into Individual, Team and Organizational Interventions." Chris is presently the Senior Vice President of HR at SayMedia.

Dr. Benjamin Tong (CSPP-Berkeley, Clinical PhD '74), presented on the topic of "Taoism" in our Huston Smith Center for Psychological and Spiritual Development Spirituality Forum Series earlier this Spring.

Dr. Randy Wyatt (CSPP-Berkeley, Clinical PhD '89, and current CSPP-SF Director of Professional Training) presented on the topic of "Working with Client Spirituality in Psychotherapy: The Good Samaritan and Beyond" in our Huston Smith Center for Psychological and Spiritual Development Spirituality Forum Series earlier this Spring.

Honoring of Dr. Paul Werner, long-time CSPP Faculty: CSPP Professor Emeritius Dr. Paul Werner was honored earlier this month for his 30+ years of service to CSPP. Many former faculty were in attendance, and the San Francisco campus unveiled a "On the Shoulders of Giants" wall which honors our CSPP-Berkeley/Alameda/San Francisco faculty who helped to make us what we are today.

In Memoriam - Coronet Galloway  (CSPP-Alameda, former staff member). The Memorial Service will be held on June 2. Our deepest condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues.


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