CSPP-OP Fresno: Kudos to our Alumni


Dr. Barbara Adams, recent 2013 graduate, has been promoted to National Director of Diversity Learning for Kaiser Permanente. Barbara was a student in the Fresno CSPP- Organization Psychology program, earning her PsyD degree in Organization Development.

Dr. Joy Wright

 Dr. Joy Wright, Senior Vice President, Dr Bloom, Inc will be launching their product, Dr Bloom's Chewable Jewels, online with Babies R Us/Toys R us and 150 stores. Following graduation, Dr Wright and her sister, a dentist, created Dr Bloom's Chewable Jewels for teething babies. Dr. Wright is an alumni from the PsyD in OD program at the Fresno campus.

Dr. Sherry Nooravi


Dr. Sherry Nooravi, Fresno graduate in Organization Development, is presenting on The Four C's: How your workspace can improve culture and productivity of your company. Sherry is the President of Strategy Meets Performance, Inc. based in San Diego.


Dr. Siama Raza, Lieutenant in the US Navy is currently stationed in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Raza completed her PsyD in Organization Development in 2006 and entered the US Navy as a Research Psychologist.

Dawniel Baker, PsyD graduate has been promoted to the Director the Core Talent Management at Dignity Health where she has been doing internal OD work for the last year and a half.

Brenda Pena, MAOB graduate just last month, was in final interviews for two new jobs this last week and is taking the Senior Resource Generalist position at Hinds Hospice. She will be leaving her position as HR Director at Cancer Care Associates where she has been for the last year.

Travis Sheridan, MAOB alum, is the new Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for St. Louis County Economic Council. He moved there just a year ago from Fresno and this is the second position he has held there after leaving as the Director of the Fresno Incubator . He’s also getting married in September!


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