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California Psychological Association Offers Membership to Master's Students

Alliant International University
Published 03/31/2015
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CPA official logo

The California Psychological Association of Graduate Students (CPAGS) is now offering membership to Alliant International University master's students not enrolled in doctoral programs. The California Psychological Association (CPA), including its graduate student division, is a non-profit professional association for licensed psychologists and others affiliated with the delivery of psychological services. In addition to the role of advocate for the profession of psychology, CPA's members regularly provide free public service through programs such as its Public Education Campaign and its well-respected disaster response service. Further, CPA works closely with the media to provide timely and accurate information in order to demonstrate the positive role that psychology plays in our everyday lives.

Reasons to Join CPAGS

Kick start your future career by networking

Attending CPAGS events is the best way to meet fellow students, potential mentors and clinical directors in California.

Discounted or free admission to events

CPAGS members get reduced entry to the annual CPAGS events: Student Leadership & Advocacy Conference and the Cross-Cultural Conference. Members get free admission to the CPAGS Leadership & Advocacy Day.

Attend the CPAGS convention for free

Join CPAGS and you can sign up to volunteer at the convention. Help out for just a  few hours and your entire registration fee is reimbursed. Plus, you get to attend all of the workshops and lectures for free.

Influence the future of psychology in California

Your future as a psychologist depends on sensible, workable laws that respect and advance the practice of psychology and patient well-being. CPGAS will help you become an advocate for your profession.


To sign up as a CPA student affiliate, visit the CPA membership page.


If you have questions about membership or CPA, email CPAGS Chair Eric Samuels at


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