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Recently, Alliant Fresno, I-Merit and SGA held an event called "Bridging the Gap Between Communities of Color and Police." This forum was in response to the current racial climate in the U.S. and was an opportunity for community members, academics and the police to come together to talk about important issues such as racial profiling and community-police relationships. There were also discussions about positive change and ways in which the Fresno police department has been trying to connect with low-income communities and people of color.

More than 200 people attended the event, packing the auditorium. Thank you to all the students, staff and faculty who came to take part in this important community discussion!

The student planning committee included Diana Le, Amanda Hart, Brittany Cunningham, Jamie Randle, Thong Vang, Sheera Harrell, Thuy Nguyen and Aaron Perkins.



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