Alumnus Dr. Ketchum Has Published a New Book!


Alumnus Dr. Ketchum, class of 1980 – CSPP Berkeley, has published a new book titled:

Trapped in the Big Easy: A Hurricane, Leadership from the Heart, and the Quest for a Life of Purpose

 About the book:

“It was the fourth day since Hurricane Katrina had struck New Orleans, and as I walked out of the elevator in my four-star French Quarter hotel I was met by a scene that stopped me dead in my tracks: the lobby was completely empty and the front doors were chained and padlocked. Just the night before there had been so many sweaty, desperate people in that lobby that I could hardly walk without stepping on someone. Now, just eight hours later, I was the only person left in the entire hotel. I had been abandoned.” - from Trapped in the Big Easy.

In Trapped in the Big Easy, Dr. Greg Ketchum provides a riveting you-were-there eyewitness account of the chaos, danger, and colossal leadership failures in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Greg also tells the story of how Katrina catapulted him onto the quest for a life of purpose and shares five key leadership discoveries he made while trapped in New Orleans that will empower you to lead from your intuition and heart.

If you are interested in compelling real-life stories and first person accounts of history, in leadership and developing your own leadership voice, and in living a life of purpose, you will very likely find yourself in the pages of this book.

Trapped in the Big Easy may help you find the courage and strength to make the choices that will take you in the direction of leading a life of purpose when you inevitably find yourself at one of those life junctures where it is time to go in a new direction.


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