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For the third time in the past six years, Dr. Alan Loucks, alumnus of the California School of Professional Psychology, will ride his bicycle across the country to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research and family resources.

This time, Loucks and “Team Will” will ride all the way from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to the harbor in Boston, Massachusetts for “Go The Distance 2012,” the signature 10-day bicycle relay it hosts across the United States.

The "Go The Distance 2012" ride will cover more than 3,500 miles, cross 13 states, travel through 8 state capitols and 13 major cities, visit 18 hospitals and participate in 7 community rallies. “Team Will” will be composed of 16 cyclists, 6 drivers and two ambassadors.

Funds raised from the event will provide financial support to over 300 families. Through its "Cards for Kids Program," "Team Will" hopes to deliver 20,000 cards to children with cancer across the country. Since "Team Will’s" first ride in 2005, they have raised more than $300,000 in donations for their benefactors.

"Team Will" is a community of cyclists of all skill levels and ages committed to raising public awareness and funds for childhood cancer research and family resources through a mixture of cycling activities and events. "Team Will's" mission focuses on providing a coherent, credible voice to educate society about childhood cancer. They achieve this by working together with cycling communities and interested individuals.

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