Alliant-Sacramento Students Raise Money for Homeless Veterans


Congratulations to Alliant-Sacramento for raising $325 for Sacramento Stand Down, a program that assists and supports homeless veterans in the local area. This is just one of the many chapters that Stand Down has around the country. They help with medical care, personal hygiene, food, clothing and other essential items that are hard for homeless veterans to come by. Their hope is that the money raised each year through this program will contribute to the overall sense of well-being that many veterans need.

Sacramento Stand Down has expressed their gratitude towards the Alliant-Sacramento students who participated:

“Every penny helps when you are talking about an organization who is all volunteer driven. It all goes to a greater cause and it lets these vets know about all the services and resources that are out there for them and that there are people out there who care about them . . . Thank you so very much for all you are doing. We could not do this kind of work without such dedicated and caring people such as yourselves.”

Randy Smith
Sacramento Stand Down


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