Alliant Makes Diverse Magazine's Top 100 Minority Degree Producers


For the 8th consecutive year, Alliant appears among the “Top 100 Minority Degree Producers,” according to the latest issue of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

Alliant ranks first in awarding doctoral degrees in psychology to Asian Americans, Hispanics and total minorities. Alliant is second in psychology degrees awarded to Hispanics in all disciplines, and fifth in the number of doctorates in business awarded to Asian Americans. In total, Alliant appears among the Top 100 in 22 categories. View the “Top 100 Minority Degree Producers” rankings for graduate and professional institutions.

For many years now, Diverse: Issues In Higher Education has produced the Top 100 Degree Producers rankings of the institutions that confer the most degrees to minority students. Alliant has consistently received high marks for diversity in these annual rankings, reflecting its institutional commitment to multiculturalism, a core pillar of its mission.

Alliant President Geoffrey Cox said, “These rankings indicate that we are achieving our commitments to the 4 pillars of our mission, and in particular our emphases on scholarship and diversity. Perhaps more importantly, they show that Alliant’s influence is disproportional to its size and scope. Although we focus on a relatively narrow range of academic disciplines and professions, the work of our faculty, students, and the staff who support them, gives our university an impact that is in many ways equal to that of much larger and more academically diverse institutions.”


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