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Alliant Faculty Recognized at 2015 Mid-Winter Society of Consulting Psychology Conference

Alliant International University
Published 03/03/2015
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Awards and Distinctions

Alliant's own Rebecca Turner, Ph.D. and Rodney Lowman, Ph.D., were awarded great distinctions at this year's edition of the Mid-Winter Society of Consulting Psychology Conference. For her 2014 article in Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, Dr. Turner took home the "Best Article of the Year" award. Dr. Lowman was awarded a Presidential Citation in recognition and appreciation for exemplary professional and personal dedication to advancing the practice and science of consulting psychology.

CSPP-San Diego faculty member Bernardo Ferdman was awarded the distinction of "Incoming Chair of SCP's Diversity and Inclusion Committee." Alliant Alumnus Doug Riddle was also awarded the title of "Chair of the Annual Mid-Winter Conference of the Society for Congress Consulting Psychology, San Diego, CA."


Many members of our organizational psychology community presented at the conference including:

Belzer, R.G. & Powell, D. with Building a Managed Coach Network Across Borders.

Blanton, J.S., Naude, J., Goldvarg, D., & Ramsel, D. with Supervision as a Necessary Part of Becoming (and Staying) Fit as a Consultant or Coach.

Cooper, S. & Lowman, R.L. with Applications of the APA Ethics Code to Organizational Consulting Psychology: Foundational Workshop.

Ferdman, B.M. with Getting the Best from Ourselves and Others: Diversity and Inclusion as Keys to Breakthrough Results with our Clients.

Ferdman, B.M., Pennington, G., & Turner, R. with Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Practice of Consulting Psychology.

Forster, S.L., Fulkerson, J.R., Lowman, R., & Ferdman, B.M. with Global Consulting--Myth Vs. Reality: Experiences From Those Who Have Worked on the Far Side.

Lowman, R.L. with Internationalizing Multiculturalism.

Lowman, R.L. & Cooper, S. with Advanced Ethical and Legal Issues in Consulting Psychology.

Turner, R., Rembisz, R., & Howland, A. with Big Data for People Analytics: Is This Moneyball or Organizational Reality?

Vandaveer, V., Perlman, K., Lowman, R., & Brannick, J. with Coaching Competency Model for Psychologists: Research and Development.

The theme for the Mid Winter Society of Consulting Psychology Conference was, “Fit to Consult? Strengthen-Stretch-Test.” Important and pressing questions were asked such as "What are we doing to increase the rigor of our coaching and consulting services?" and "What methods and metrics can build excellence in our evolving world of professional practice?"

We would like to congratulate our faculty on their achievements!

For more information on the organizational psychology degrees at Alliant please visit the organizational psychology homepage.

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