7th Annual Ramona Kunard Award Nominations


President Cox has invited the entire Alliant community to submit nominations for the 7th Annual Ramona Kunard Award.

The award was established upon the retirement of Dr. Kunard to recognize an Alliant staff member who exemplifies the highest standards of leadership, dedication and service to the University. The staff member selected will receive recognition at the commencement ceremony of the campus for which they work, as well as a cash prize. The award process has been organized by the Alliant Staff Council which will work with President Cox to select this year's recipient.

This spring, Dr. Kunard briefly came out of retirement to help oversee the campus service centers in San Diego. This is all the more reason to recognize her dedication and service to the University.

Please consider for nomination those staff members you feel demonstrate the same sense of service, dedication, and integrity that characterized Dr. Kunard's work at Alliant.  Use the nomination form to explain why you feel your nominee is deserving of this award. It is asked that everyone use this form, though additional pages may be added if needed.

Please return the completed form and any additional pages to Ava Chan-Crowder at the San Diego campus no later than Friday, April 27, 2013.


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