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CSPP was well-represented at this year's California Psychological Association (CPA) Convention in Monterey. The theme was “Innovative and Inspiring Practices in Psychology,” and our CSPP community truly exemplifies this theme.

Congratulations to the  CSPP faculty, students and alumni who received awards this year’s CPA Convention!

  • Dr. Rhoda Olkin received the Division of Diversity and Social Justice (Div. VII) Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology. Dr. Olkin is a Distinguished Professor and Program Director for the San Francisco Clinical PsyD program.
  • Titus Hamlett, received the Student Advocacy Award. Titus is a third-year student in the Los Angeles Clinical PhD program.
  • Dr. Sallie E. Hildebrandt (CSPP-San Diego ’82) received the Jerry Clark Advocacy Award.
  • Dr. Janet Hurwich (CSPP-Alameda ’92) received the Distinguished Humanitarian Contribution Award.
  • Dr. Hengameh Maroufi (CSPP-Alameda ’03) received the Award for Distinguished Service
  • Dr. Pam Van Allen (CSPP-SF ’02) received the Award for Distinguished Service to Psychology.
  • Drs. Julie Myers and Rob Woodman (CSPP-SF ’01) received the Award for Distinguished Service from the Division of Clinical Psychopharmacology (Div.5).

You can also read about the CSPP presentations at CPA by clicking here.

The 2015 CPA Convention will be held in San Diego. The 2015 CPA Convention Chair will be our very own Jeff Tirengel, Professor in the Los Angeles Clinical PsyD program and CSPP alumnus (CSPP-LA ’91).


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