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2014 APA Division 52 Henry David International Mentoring Award

Alliant International University
Published 05/09/2014
1 minute read
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Congratulations to Dr. Zelman, Professor and Associate Program Director of Hong Kong PsyD program, on receiving the 2014 APA Division 52 Henry David International Mentoring Award. This award is presented to a psychologist of this division who serves as mentor to students and/or faculty members in an international context. This achievement not only recognizes the work being done in Hong Kong but honors and celebrates it.  Dr. Zelman has been with Alliant International University for twenty years and has been been with the Hong Kong PsyD program for the past seven years.  This program was created by Alliant to grow the clinical psychology practice throughout Asia. This is another way CSPP is making a difference in the world of psychology in Asia.

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