Graduate Admissions Requirements

The University’s admissions criteria vary from program to program and are designed to measure the qualities and capabilities required of a professional in the field to which the student is applying as reflected in an applicant’s academic ability, academic preparation, and other personal and non-academic factors.

University-wide Graduate Admissions Requirements

You must hold or be eligible for an earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution or its international equivalent prior to graduate entry. San Francisco Law School allows an exception to this requirement; please see the SFLS application instructions application instructions for additional information.

All graduate programs at Alliant have a stated grade point average minimum requirement for admission. Applicants must meet the stated requirement, or submit a Grade Point Average Exemption Petition.

Most graduate programs at Alliant have academic entry requirements such as test scores, a specific undergraduate major, or identified coursework.

Non-academic factors are evaluated using:
a) Essay or personal narrative
b) Professional experience (Resume required)
c) Recommendations
d) An interview in person, by video or by telephone (if required by the program)

School-specific Admissions Requirements

In addition to the school supplementary requirements for the program, the following are University-wide graduate admission requirements

What You’ll Need to Apply

To complete your application, review Alliant’s admissions policies and admissions requirements, complete the online application form, and submit any supporting documents. If you have any questions regarding admissions policies or requirements, please contact your admissions counselor or the Admissions Processing Center.

A completed application form and fee of $65 is required for all applicants.

Application Fee Waivers: A limited number of application fee waivers are available to on-time applicants with the greatest demonstrated need. If you would like to request a fee waiver, you must submit your request in writing to the Alliant Admissions Processing Center, with an explanation of your current financial circumstances and your prior year Federal Income Tax Form 1040, if one was filed. If you do not submit both the written statement of fee waiver request and the documentation, you will not be considered for a fee waiver.

Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work are required for all applicants. If you attend(ed) an institution with pass/fail grades, please also include any accompanying narrative evaluations. The transcripts are for Alliant International University and are submitted as part of your application material.

Some Alliant graduate programs require only transcripts from your degree-granting institutions; check specific program admissions requirements.

It is your responsibility to see that all transcripts reach the Admissions Processing Center by the appropriate application deadline. To meet the deadline, it is often necessary to send transcripts on which final grades have not yet been posted. If this is the case, please provide supplementary transcripts as soon as possible. If there is a delay in processing your transcript request or if it is very near the application deadline, applicants should submit photocopies of transcripts in the interim. Without a complete set of transcripts, your application will be considered incomplete.

*International applicants and those who received bachelor’s degrees and/or master’s degrees from higher education institutions outside the United States are required to submit official transcript evaluations. See the international admissions requirements.

A Grade Point Average Exemption Petition is required only if GPA is below program minimum requirement.

Alliant International University requires that graduate applicants meet the program’s stated grade point average minimum requirement for admission. Refer to the individual school or program admissions requirements for GPA minimum requirements. If your undergraduate or graduate (if applicable) GPA is below the stated requirement, you must submit a petition requesting an exemption from this academic requirement. The petition is included in the graduate online application. The application allows you to provide a statement of exception or submit additional material that would document your ability to perform in an intensive academic environment.

All applicants are required to submit a current resume or curriculum vita along wth their application materials. Describe each position you have held, including volunteer work if applicable, including the name of the organization, job title, work responsibilities and dates of employment.

An essay is required of all applicants. Instructions can be found in the individual school or program admissions requirements.

Course descriptions are required in the following two instances:

A. Graduate Entry Requirements: If you are using courses to meet the graduate entry requirements for a program, you must submit course descriptions only if the courses you are using to fulfill the required subjects are titled differently from program requirements. Appropriate documentation includes copies of course descriptions, outlines or syllabi. This information should be submitted when you submit your application material. More information on entry requirements and course descriptions required is included in the individual school or program admissions requirements.

B. Transfer Credit: If you are petitioning to receive transfer credit for previous graduate work, you must submit a detailed coursework portfolio which includes course outlines, syllabi or letters from instructors describing specific course content for all relevant graduate courses completed. If coursework was taken at more than one institution, indicate the institution where each course was taken. More information on transfer credit and required course descriptions is included in the individual school or program admissions requirements.

All coursework used to fulfill requirements for any program must have been completed prior to beginning the program. All coursework must have been taken at fully accredited institutions.

Some programs require standardized test scores (GMAT, LSAT, GRE etc.) in addition to TOEFL or other scores verifying English proficiency. Refer to the individual school or program admissions requirements for information on required test scores.

Most programs require two to three recommendation letters or recommendation forms. More information on recommendation requirements is included in the individual school or program admissions requirements.

Required for Doctoral Re-specialization applicants only.