In 2015, Alliant International University took two big steps toward becoming a more socially and environmentally conscious organization. First, Alliant converted from a 501(c)3 status to a Public Benefit Corporation, a new legal status for for-profit corporations in California that signifies the organization is working toward the public good.

In December 2015, Alliant also became the first standalone university to become a certified B Corporation. B Corporations are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab that meet rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, legal accountability and public transparency.

Why B Corp Certification?

We became a B Corp to lead by example, demonstrating how for-profit education institutions can use their resources to be a force of good in the community. At Alliant, our faculty, students, alumni and staff are all dedicated to making a positive difference in the world through professional education and practice. Becoming a B Corp allows us to continue our dedication to that goal while providing additional benefits. Registering as a Public Benefit Corporation means Alliant can take in private funding to bolster student services and continually improve our degree programs, while still maintaining our mission to excellence in education, scholarship, multicultural competence and community engagement.

As a B Corp and a Public Benefit Corporation, Alliant can meet the needs of its students, its community and society as a whole, while still furthering our ability to provide the highest level of educational experience.

Learn more about B Corporations, and read our B Impact Report here.