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Dawn Griffin

Program Dir., Psych & Criminal Justice
Alliant Faculty Member

Dr. Griffin's work focuses on social determinates of health and integrating trauma-informed systems. She also provides consultation to local, national and international communities who seek to integrate their systems toward becoming trauma informed. Dr. Griffin has expansive experience in law enforcement, child welfare, and educational systems and how these systems respond to children and families who have been exposed to trauma, chronic stress and violence.

Dr. Griffin is one of the Safe Start Consultants for the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Dependency Prevention (OJJDP). Appointed to the Attorney General's Children Exposed to Violence Demonstration Program - Office of Justice Program (OJP), Dr. Griffin has also worked for the Department of Justice developing curriculum and evaluation protocols to address early adversity experienced in childhood. Recently appointed to the Commission on Social Determinates of Health, she works to understand and respond to factors that impact one's health status.

Dr. Griffin's attended University of California, Irvine and University of Birmingham, U.K. for her Bachelors in Cognitive Science, Pepperdine University for her Masters in Clinical Psychology, and Alliant International University for her Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology. She currently lives in California with her wife and three dogs. With family in the UK, she enjoys traveling abroad regularly.

Professional Interests

Social determinates of health; trauma informed systems; integrated healthcare; neurological development as a result of complex trauma and chronic stress; developmental traumatology with emphasis on social ecology.