Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Los Angeles Core Faculty

John Bakaly, PhD,  Professor
PhD, 1988; University of Southern California
Research Interests: Clinical intervention with children and adolescents and their families; Treatment of depression, anxiety, and general childhood disorders.
Elaine Burke, PsyD,  Associate Professor
PsyD, 1989; University of Denver
Research Interests: Multicultural and international issues, particularly in the areas of sex roles and gender, children, health,  trauma, and class status, pediatric & geriatric neuropsychology; immigration and acculturation issues.
John V. Caffaro, PhD,  Distinguished Professor
PhD, 1989; The Fielding Institute
Research Interests: Child maltreatment; sibling relationships; post-traumatic stress disorder; group psychotherapy.
Victor Cohen, PhD,  Associate Professor
PhD, 1981; University of Michigan
Research Interests: The spirituality-psychotherapy interface; mindfulness, meditation and psychotherapy; relationship factors in development of meditation skills; self-development in graduate psychology training programs; group process in graduate psychology education; the training of interpersonal skills and self-awareness; integration of object relations, existential/humanistic and transpersonal therapy approaches.
George Gharibian, PhD, Assistant Professor
PhD, 2014; University of Memphis
Research Interests: Cognitive biases of mental health professionals; acculturation and multicultural issues affecting adults, children, and families; generalized self-efficacy, stress, and trauma.
Lisa Liu, PhD,  Assistant Professor
PhD, 2010; University of California, Los Angeles
Research Interests: Diversity and multicultural issues; ethnic minority mental health; adjustment of immigrant children and families; impact of family and cultural context on psychopathology; racial/ethnic identity development; evidence-based treatments with diverse populations; Asian American mental health.
Jessie Lowell, PhD, Assistant Professor
Internship Training DirectorClinical PhD/Clinical PsyD, California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

PsyD, 2007; Loma Linda University
Research Interests: Early childhood mental health; trauma, grief, and loss in the early childhood population; behavioral, emotional, and developmental outcomes of early trauma, neglect, and loss; assessment and treatment of high-risk infants and children; effects of prenatal and early environment exposure to alcohol and substances; parent, sibling, and caregiver functioning in families with children with chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, and/or other behavioral/emotional difficulties.
Cristina Magalhaes, PhD, Associate Professor and Associate Program Director
Fellow, Rockway Institute; Coordinator, Rockway Certificate in LGBT Human Services and Mental Health

PhD, 2005; Nova Southeastern University
Professional Practice and Research Interests: Anxiety, stress, resilience and coping; complementary health practices; applied psychophysiology and biofeedback; trauma psychology; LGB psychology; transgender health; immigration psychology; cross-cultural assessment; trans-theoretical approaches to child and adult treatment.
Joan Murray, PhD,  Associate Professor
PhD, 1979; University of California, Los Angeles
Research Interests: Women’s issues; environmental issues.
Randy Noblitt, PhD,  Professor
PhD, 1978; University of North Texas
Research Interests: Cult & ritual abuse; child abuse; trauma and dissociation; dissociation of identity; disability determination; critical theory.
Erin O’Callaghan, PhD, Program Director and Associate Professor
Co-Director, Office of Professional Training, CSPP Clinical Doctoral Programs (Los Angeles)
PhD, 2007; University of Miami
Research Interests: Psychological and neuropsychological functioning in children and adolescents with chronic health conditions; neuropsychological and psychological functioning in children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional, and learning challenges; parent, sibling, and other family member functioning in families with children with chronic illnesses, develop-mental disabilities, and/or other behavioral/emotional difficulties; coping with cancer and other chronic illness, post-cancer treatment functioning; psychoneuroimmunology.
John Park, PhD, Assistant Professor
PhD, 2015; Loma Linda University
Research Interests: Substance use disorders and treatment; role of faith based organizations in mental health services; cultural issues and health disparities in racial ethnic minorities; clinical interventions for depression and anxiety disorders.
Denise Rockwell, PhD, Assistant Professor
PhD, 2013; Claremont Graduate University
Research Interests: Diagnosis and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder and other development disabilities; early intervention; social skills and parent training; telehealth and technology in treatment for children and families; school-based interventions for children with intellectual, behavioral, social, and communication challenges; behavioral assessment and intervention in home, school, and clinical settings; community-based interventions and outreach.