Clinical Psychology (PsyD) San Diego Faculty

Debra Kawahara
Associate Program Director and Professor; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, CSPP
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1994, California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles
Research interests: Multicultural psychology and cultural competency in clinical practice; Asian/Asian American mental health; family systems theory and therapy; feminism and women’s issues; qualitative research methodology.

Mojgan Khademi
Associate Professor and Interim Program Director
PsyD, Psychology, 1992, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Research interests: Psychodynamic theory, attachment and personality; obesity and weight loss; prevention of eating disorders; suicide and bereavement; multicultural issues applied in clinical settings; feminism.

Liana Abascal
Assistant Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2008, SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program
Research interests: Eating disorders, obesity, diabetes, health behaviors.

Steven F. Bucky
Distinguished Professor; Director of Professional Training (San Diego)
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1970, University of Cincinnati
Research interests: Childhood psychopathology; chemical dependency; alcoholic family; children of alcoholics; forensic psychology; ethics; sports psychology.

Joanne Callan
Distinguished Professor
PhD, Counseling Psychology, 1970, University of Texas
Research interests: Life span development (development, adjustment, psychopathology among, and treatment for, children, adolescents, and adults from a psychoanalytic perspective); psychology of women; gender identity development; application of psychoanalytic theories (attachment and object relations theory); education and training in psychology; professional ethics; and clinical supervision.

David Diamond
Associate Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1983, University of Michigan
Research interests: Reproductive trauma and other topics related to the reproductive process (the development of parental identity, choices about childbearing, and parenting issues for non-traditional individuals and couples); psychoanalytic approaches to the understanding of human development, attachment, personality, and psychotherapy.

Julii Green
Assistant Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2012, University of North Dakota
Research interests: Intimate partner violence and ethnically diverse family relationships; trauma and attachment; multicultural and community psychology; recruitment and retention of ethnically diverse graduate students; Native American/Alaska Native/& Indigenous mental health and wellness; ethnicity and underage substance use; child welfare system involvement, trauma and resilience; feminism and women’s issues (e.g. reproductive justice); cultural competency in mental health services; community-based participatory action research; mixed methods research.

James Madero
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1975, Catholic University
Research interests: Projective tests; differential diagnoses; workplace violence prevention; school violence prevention

Matthew Porter
Associate Professor; Fellow, Rockway Institute
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2005, New School for Social Research
Research interests: Adjustment and development in response to existentially threatening life events; the role of self-regulation, social support and individualism-collectivism on same; non-individualistic conceptualizations of lifespan developmental outcomes; religion and spirituality in physical, mental and social health; quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods

Ronald Stolberg
Associate Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2001, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology
Research interests: Personality assessment instruments with an emphasis on the MMPI-2/MMPI-A; assessment instruments use among practicing clinicians; standard of care practices; suicide; clinical work with adolescents.

Steven R. Thorp
Associate Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2001, University of Nevada, Reno; ABPP (Clinical Psychology)
Research Interests: Psychological trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in adults, particularly in veteran populations and older adult populations. Psychotherapy outcome trials, including technologies for augmenting psychotherapy.

Jan Estrellado
Assistant Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2015, California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego
Research interests: Multicultural psychology; trauma psychology; race and ethnicity in trauma therapy; sexual orientation and gender identity; countertransference, supervision, and training.

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