Over the years, our alumni have repeatedly achieved impressive professional success. Outstanding alumni of San Francisco Law School include:

  • Former California State Governor (the late) Edmund (Pat) Brown
  • Former Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy
  • Former Undersecretary of the United States Department of Energy, Joseph Salgado
  • Director, Alliant International University Board of Directors, Past President of the California State Bar and President of the San Francisco Law School Board of Directors, P. Terry Anderlini
  • Past President of the National Bar Association, Thomas Broome
  • Former State Senator Milton Marks
  • Co-Founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, Northern California Chapter, Wayne M. Collins

San Francisco Law School is also proud of its graduates in the judiciary including:

  • The Hon. Victor Campilango
  • Merle Eaton
  • Eugene Krum
  • Betty Lamoreaux
  • Philip Moscone
  • Lynn O’Malley Taylor
  • Marilyn Pestarino Zecher

In addition, San Francisco Law School’s graduates have distinguished themselves in public service as district attorneys, public defenders, and high profile California attorneys.