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Services, Experiences, Activities

Student Bar Association

The primary purpose of the Student Bar Association is to create a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to student interests and concerns. The Student Bar Association (SBA) receives funds for all students. All San Francisco Law School students are members of the SBA and are encouraged to take an active role.

Delta Theta Phi

Delta Theta Phi is an international law fraternity, maintaining Senates at San Francisco Law School, throughout law schools in the United States, and in various foreign law schools. The fraternity also provides rewarding professional programs including opportunities for job networking, both for students and alumni

Black Law Students Association

The BLSA is an association designed to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of black law students and to assist in the development of successful legal leaders. BLSA seeks to provide support services for its members

Clinical Fieldwork

Students are allowed to obtain academic credit work as an intern in an actual, functioning legal environment with practicing attorneys or judges. Students may receive one hour of credit for each 75 hours of participation. A student may receive up to four units of credit per academic year for clinical fieldwork, with a maximum of two units per semester. Single units may be taken in any one semester. Academic credit is not given for remunerated work. Approved clinical program units are charged the same tuition rate as all other academic units.

Students must present a written proposal concerning the nature and location of the work to be done and student’s principal supervising attorney indicating that the attorney or judge will undertake such supervision of the student’s work. The attorney must be a responsible attorney with at least five years of experience. In order for a student to receive credit, the supervising attorney must submit an evaluation report at the conclusion of each semester on forms provided by San Francisco Law School. Additionally, a student wishing to participate in the California Practical Training of Law Students Program must have completed 270 hours of law school and have completed or be enrolled in Civil Procedure and Evidence.

Trial Practice

The course considers litigation problems, practical, legal and ethical that confront a trial lawyer. Emphasis is given to techniques of client interviewing and investigation, both informal and by use of statutory discovery procedures, and pleading. The student gains classroom experience in trial procedures from voir dire examination, opening statements, direct and cross examination through final argument.

Moot Court

This course gives the student the unique experience of combining the practical application of legal principles at appellate level, oral argument and preparation of briefs on appeal; California appellate court procedure and practice. Both an original appellate brief and an oral argument presentation are required.


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