Student Support Services

Counseling and Psychological Services Center

Students can seek services for their emotional and psychological well-being. Services include individual, couples, group, and family counseling. Professional Growth services are also offered for students needing to fulfill this requirement for their programs. For more information, please visit

Academic Support Services (back to top)

Writing support: Individual, group, and in some cases required coursework, is offered to increase and improve professional writing skills.

Statistics tutoring: Individual and group sessions are offered to increase and improve statistics skills.

APA format training: Individual and group sessions are offered to increase and improve familiarity and understanding of APA formatting.

Academic Honesty: Tutorials and sessions are offered to educate students about plagiarism,

Dissertation & Doctoral Project support: Not available at this time.

San Diego: Career Learning Assessment Support Services (CLASS Center in M-8)

Health and Wellness (back to top)

Student Assistance Program (SAP): Just like an Employee Assistance Program, students can access, free of charge, services such as counseling and legal advice.

Stress Relief/Wellness on Campus: Opportunities such as yoga, meditation and massage are available. On the San Diego Campus, students can visit Building M-2.

Wellness services include:

  • First aid care
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Monthly events on campus, including blood drives, alcohol and drug awareness, personal safety.
  • Referrals to outside medical care

Career Services (back to top)

Students are able to meet locally and on line with a career services professional to help with resume/CV writing, cover letter writing, interview skills, networking skills, general job search guidance, access to online jobs database and online career assessments. Click here visit Career Services..

Student Life and Community Engagement (back to top)

Student Government Association (SGA): SGA members play an advocacy role and contribute to campus life by coordinating social events as well as extracurricular activities. SGA also provides scholarships to students attending conferences. Members of SGA hold seats on the Systemwide SGA, local I-MERIT committee, the Green Committee, and the Campus Administrative and Leadership teams and committees.

Student Clubs/Affinity Groups:

A variety of student clubs are available for students to actively participate in.

  • Asian Pacific Student Network
  • International Student Association
  • Latino Student Psychological Association
  • Rockway Institute Student Affiliation
  • Armenian Graduate Psychological Association
  • Rockway Queer Alliance
  • African-American Affinity Group
  • Asian-American Affinity Group
  • Parent Support Group
  • Spirituality Group
  • MFT Club
  • Society for Human Diversity

Military and Veterans Affairs (back to top)

Military and Veterans Affairs is a division within the Office of the Dean of Students. The Director of Military and Veterans Affairs is supported by a team of Certifying Officials (CO) located at each of our California locations that you can turn to for assistance. The Director of Military and Veterans Affairs serves as the “one-stop” resource to assist you with your transition to and success at Alliant International University.

Accessibility Services (back to top)

Alliant International University is committed to diversity and inclusion of a diverse student body. The Office Accessibility provides students with disabilities with reasonable accommodations and services to assist them in accessing the curriculum and school environment. Students with either permanent or temporary disabilities may be eligible for a variety of support services.

International Student Services (back to top)

The International Students and Scholars Offices (ISSO) provide a variety of support services to assist new and continuing students. The overarching goal is to promote and support the international experience at Alliant International University. Advising and counseling services for international students such as personal, immigration, financial, academic, legal or any other issues.