Why Choose Alliant International University?

 Theory & Practice

One of our key beliefs is that students benefit from an education that extends beyond the pages of their textbooks and out into the real world. We provide an educational experience based on a combination of academic theory in the classroom and hands-on experience in the field. This practical integration of theory and practice helps Alliant students become innovative agents of change, solving the real-world issues of today’s diverse, global society.

Each of our programs is designed to help develop professionals to do meaningful work that makes a lasting impact. Our approach to education combines theory and practice; scholarship and application. We provide a professional school environment where students learn from a faculty of seasoned working professionals and receive practical training while still in school through a combination of internships, practica, consulting, and community service projects.

Purpose & Impact

At Alliant, success is measured not only in terms of the number of degrees awarded and the quantity of academic papers published, but also by the impact students and graduates make in their communities. Our 45,000+ alumni contribute daily to diverse communities around the world.

Alliant students contribute more than 1.2 million hours of community service each year as part of their professional education. Field placements, practica and internships are often aimed at benefiting undeserved communities, and students frequently engage in projects that address the real-time needs and issues in their surrounding communities. These activities benefit those who need it the most and often serve as a catalyst for their future, professional impact.

Service & Leadership

Alliant was built on a legacy of innovative professional education. Our schools and faculty are pioneers in their fields and prepare each of their students to continue their legacy. Our professors train their students with the expectation that they will one day join them in the top echelon of industry experts— they are training their future colleagues.

Diversity & Alliance

Alliant offers a culturally rich educational experience. Our students are met with a diverse community of faculty, staff, and fellow students; a community that encourages different points of view, bold thought, and taking risks to address community challenges. The current student body at Alliant comes from 49 states and more than 75 countries.

Alliant has been a top producer of graduate degrees for minorities for the last six years and has been named one of the nation’s most military friendly schools seven years running. Our students come from all walks of life, from the first in the family to pursue a higher education to military veterans completing or re-starting their education to working professionals and graduates of community colleges as well as the Ivy League. We believe a diversity of views leads to a better environment for solving communal problems and inspires bigger thinking.