Undergraduate Faculty

Alliant International University attracts a diverse faculty of working professionals with decades of experience helping to prepare students for advanced careers in mental health/psychology, education, business, forensic studies and the law. Undergraduate faculty are often also teaching at the graduate level giving Alliant’s undergraduates a unique perspective in these disciplines within the social sciences.

Undergraduate faculty include:

Miles Beauchamp
Associate Professor, San Diego
PhD, English, 2005, Wamborough University
Research interests: Social media for the professions, new media, professional communications, writing for media, publishing, enlightened brand management

Daniel M. Blumberg
Associate Professor, San Diego, Department of Undergraduate Psychology
PhD, Psychology, 1987, Clark University
Research interests: stress inoculation and resiliency; trauma recovery; peace officer burnout; effective hiring and promotional practices; workplace bullying; victim advocacy

Dawn Griffin
Associate Professor and Program Director, San Diego, Department of Undergraduate Psychology
PhD, Forensic Psychology, 2005, Alliant International University, Center for Forensic Studies, Fresno
Research interests: trauma informed systems of care; neurological development as a result of complex trauma; traumatology; developmental psychopathology with emphasis on attachment; presexualization

Michelle Lopez
Assistant Professor, San Diego, Department of Undergraduate Psychology
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2013, Alliant International University – California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP)
Research interests: anxiety disorders, trauma and stress related disorders, transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders, and cognitive behavior therapies.

René M. Naert
Professor, San Diego
PhD, Administration, 1996, Walden University
Research interests: Information systems

Saba Ozyurt
Associate Professor and Program Director, Undergraduate Business and Management Programs, San Diego; Program Director, Undergraduate General Education (lower division)
PhD, Political Science and Government, 2009, University of California, Irvine
Research interests: Comparative politics, international relations, immigration, ethnic and gender relations in Western Europe and the United States

Hamid Rahman
Professor, San Diego
PhD, Finance, 1987, Syracuse University
Research interests: Finance

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