San Diego County Public Service Partners Scholarship

In support of our mission to provide a high quality, relevant education that encourages  students’ growth in their public service careers, Alliant is offering tuition scholarship benefits to employees of partner organizations in San Diego County.

Our Public Service Partners are eligible for a 50% Tuition Scholarship and waiver of all student fees.

The scholarship is available to students entering our bachelor’s programs in Criminal Justice Systems or Psychology.

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Who is Eligible?

  • Criminal Justice Systems Program

    • Sworn officers and first responders: police, sheriff, fire, and border patrol working in San Diego County
    • All criminal justice personnel working for the IRS, DA, or City Attorney, and in the probation, parole, or court systems in San Diego County
  • Psychology Program

    • All employees, contractors, partners, and providers of
      • Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) in San Diego County
      • Mental Health Systems Inc.

To be eligible, you must be employed by a partner institution. The scholarship will be applied as a credit towards tuition each term—upon registration—as long as you remain employed by a partner institution. The scholarship applies toward tuition and fees only.

Public Service Partner Benefits

  • Pre-approved release time to attend your classes
  • WASC accredited university
  • Courses taught by professionals in the field
  • Supervised field placement experiences for all students
  • Interdisciplinary training
  • Small classes with one-on-one attention
  • Evening sessions for most courses

Admission Requirements & Details

  • Proof of employment (full- or part-time)
  • Completed Alliant application
  • Official transcripts (prior to your graduation)
  • Life experience and time on the job will be considered
  • No essay required

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