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Our professional practice bachelor's degree programs are accepting applications for Fall 2018.

Your undergraduate program shouldn’t be overcrowded.

Welcome to San Diego’s Small, Private University. That whole ‘good things come in small packages’ has never been more true than when it applies to universities. Specifically, as it applies to us here at Alliant University. Our small, accredited, private university offers degrees in Business, Education, and Psychology programs in San Diego, California—America’s Finest City.

Yes. We’re a small university that just happens to be large in ambition, enormous inability, and almost immeasurable in possibilities.

Here, small is big.

Small is personal attention. The ability to give you the individualized support you need from the day you enroll to the day you graduate, and well beyond.

Small is agile. Nimbly switching from classroom teaching to practical training by combining applied learning, internships, consulting, and community service projects.

Small is inclusive. It’s also how we do things here. In our bachelor degree programs, in our student body, and in our international partnerships. We’ve built a community where our students meet, learn from, and grow with others from a mosaic of different cultures and nations.

Here, small is actually massive. You’ll leave Alliant’s California campus not only with big dreams but with big, real-world skills. The kind that open big doors.

Big Reasons to Choose Small

Interrupted study paths are a major concern at many universities. Not here. Be it Business, Psychology or Project Management, the classes you need will be open to you. You keep to your timeframe, we’ll keep to our word.

Alliant offers multiple entry points for most programs. Couple that with no minimum unit requirements for transfer, and it means that Alliant will meet you right where you are. Right when you need us.

The quickest route to a master’s degree, the Fast-Track option, lets you spend the last semester of your undergraduate year taking “bridge classes.” These graduate-level courses count toward both the completion of your bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

Not sure if you’re interested in a master’s degree? No problem. Take your time. You won’t have to make a decision about ‘Fast-Track’ until your senior year.

Degree Programs


The first step in truly helping your community is to completely understand its needs. With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, you will learn just that – there’s a reason it’s called one of the “helping professions.” From the complex nature of the self to the socio-cultural challenges that surround you, we will equip you with the tools you need to address the community’s needs. The program’s scientific approach is formed through an integration of coursework and training to prepare you for a lifelong contribution of bettering the world, one person at a time.

Specializations for Psychology program: Organizational Psychology | Clinical Psychology | Couple & Family TherapyForensic Psychology | Business


Challenging and fulfilling. Complex yet in need of simple answers. Dynamic and demanding. The world of business is that and much more. And, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Alliant is just the preparation you need to take it all on. You’ll focus on understanding business at the granular level, learning management information systems, and the overall dynamics of organizations. The emphasis here is on practical application of your growing knowledge base through internships and consulting projects. These real-world, real-time situations develop and hone critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills for a solid foundation that serves a myriad of career opportunities.

Concentrations: Finance |  Information Systems and Technology Management | Project Management | Digital Marketing | Human Resources Management | Hospitality Management – Offered in partnership with the Vatel Institute of Hospitality and Management at Alliant International University


Along with communication and computer skills, organizational skills is one of the most important job skills in today’s market. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Project Management from Alliant’s International University’s California School of Management and Leadership, you can provide the structure to helping a business excel. You’ll focus on developing, organizing, and implementing complex processes across a number of industries including law, engineering, healthcare, and beyond. Alliant’s Project Management bachelor degree program will ensure you have the problem-solving and managerial skills that are essential to success in any business environment.

The Alliant Choice

We don’t take it lightly when a student chooses us for their education. Making Alliant International University your home means choosing more than just a school. It means choosing quality, from faculty to finish.

Learning at Alliant is not just about coursework, though that’s paramount. It’s not just about internships, though they’re vital. The greatness of an institution of higher education can be found in the harmonious balance of both scholarship and hands-on training. It’s also found in those you are learning with, learning from, and how you will transform your education into impact.

Take the First Step Today!

At Alliant, small is big. You’ll leave Alliant not merely with big dreams, but big real-world skills. The kind that open big doors. Call 866-825-5426 or contact us to learn more about Alliant’s bachelor’s programs.