Marking System and Symbols Used on Transcripts

 Superior. The student has demonstrated a quality of work and accomplishment far beyond the formal requirements and shows originality of thought and mastery of material. A+ grades are not recognized as a valid grade in grade point average calculations and are not recorded on the student’s transcript.

Above Average. The student’s achievement exceeds the usual accomplishment, showing a clear indication of initiative and grasp of the subject.

Average. The student has met the formal requirements and has demonstrated good comprehension of the subject and reasonable ability to handle ideas.

Below Average. The student’s accomplishment (while still passing) leaves much to be desired. Minimum requirements have been met but were inadequate.

Failure. The student has not met the minimum requirements.

CR Credit. Used upon completion of thesis, dissertation, internship and for other specified courses.

M or MP Marginal Pass. The student’s accomplishments, although passing, were inadequate in several important respects. Minimal requirements of the course were met but with serious deficiencies.

NC No Credit. The student has not achieved the minimum expectations of scholarship or credit in terms of the course objectives. The NC is not to be used in situations in which a grade of F is justified. It is not used in computing grade point averages.

Incomplete. Given only in extenuating circumstances. Work must be completed by the end of the succeeding term.

IN In Progress. No continuous enrollment required.

IP In Progress. To be used for certain theses, dissertations, practica and internships.

AU Audit. Does not yield credit. Enrollment for audit is limited to original registration for the term or to properly approved changes within the first week. Registration and payment of fees are required for audit courses.

Withdrawal. Grade given to those who drop classes after the scheduled drop period.

IS In Session. Grade marker used during the term before the final grade is received.

NR No Report. Indication (to be used only by the Registrar) that as of the deadline for submitting grades, none had been received. See “Grade Reporting.”

NOTE: Faculty members may use pluses and minuses when grades fall between two categories.