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Academic Freedom Policy

The legal program at San Francisco Law School- San Diego Law School is designed to prepare its graduates for a legal career. A threshold step is that graduates take and pass the California State Bar Examination. The minimum hours of instruction and general standards of legal education are set by the Rules and Guidelines for Accredited Law Schools in California. Within these constraints, the Law School supports the academic freedom of its instructors.


San Francisco Law School uses the following numerical system of grading:

  • 90 to 100    A  Excellent
  • 80 to 89      B  Very good
  • 74 to 79      C  Satisfactory
  • 70 to 73 C Passing, but Weak,
  • 55 to 69      D  Unsatisfactory
  • Below 55     F  Failure. No credit.

Academic Standards

To advance in good standing, students must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 70 each academic year and a cumulative grade point average of 70 or better. Students achieving a grade point average of 85 or more for an academic year are honored by designation to the Dean’s List.

Grade points for each course are computed by multiplying the units attempted by the numerical grade received. A grade lower than 70% in a pass/fail course will receive a failing grade. The grade point average is determined by dividing the total grade points received in the academic year by the total units earned. The cumulative GPA thus represents the figure obtained by dividing the total grade points received in all courses by the total units earned in those courses. Grades of pass and incomplete are not included in the GPA.


It is the policy of San Francisco Law School that all students be prepared for and attend every class. Pursuant to the Rules of the California Committee of Bar Examiners, a student who misses more than 20% of the class hours, may not receive credit for that course.

Transfer Credits

Students may take courses for credit at other accredited law schools if granted written permission from the Dean prior to enrollment or attending class at the other institution. Credit for courses successfully completed (C or better grade) at another law school can be applied to his or her degree at the discretion of San Francisco Law School. However, these grades will not be applied toward the San Francisco Law School cumulative grade point average.

Degree Requirements

Students are awarded the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree after successful completion of 87 semester units of study and completion of all required courses. 45 units must be taken in residence at San Francisco Law School. While required for graduation, bar examination skills courses are not counted toward the units for graduation. Graduate candidates must have a grade point average of 70 or higher for the final year and a cumulative grade point average of 70 or higher.

Student Conduct

Students who enter San Francisco Law School do so to acquire a comprehensive legal education and to prepare for a career in the legal profession or related fields. Student conduct which obstructs or interferes with the administrative or academic process, or which interferes with the right of other students endeavoring to pursue their legal education, will be sufficient cause for dismissal from the Law School.

Student Rights Policy

All students of San Francisco Law School may seek information and express concerns regarding academic or non-academic matters. Students may contact the School administration by letter or in person either directly, or through their elected student representatives. Students are expected to express their concerns in a professional and civil manner.

State Bar Registration Requirement

A student who plans to practice law in California is required to register with the State Bar of California’s Committee of Bar Examiners within 90 days after beginning the study of law. Registration forms are available on line at It is each student’s responsibility to obtain and submit the form to the State Bar by the deadline.

Admission to the State Bar

Information about Admission to the State Bar and the California State Bar examination may be found at

Student Handbook

Please consult the Student Handbook for further information on Academic and other policies and requirements. View the San Francisco Law School Catalog – (PDF)