Juris Doctor Degree Program

San Francisco Law School’s Juris Doctor degree program helps train students to become attorneys who are well-versed in the law and committed to the ethical and social responsibilities of the legal profession. Our J.D .degree programs provide students with a comprehensive legal education, including instruction in subjects covered on the California bar exam.

Law School Curriculum

First-year curriculum sets the foundation for your legal education, with instruction in general principles of the law, including Contracts, Torts and Criminal Law. The first-year curriculum also places a strong emphasis on legal writing.

Upper-level courses, including Advanced Legal Reasoning, Constitutional Law and Trial Practice, allow students to develop a deeper understanding of the law, apply the principles they have been learning and begin preparing for a legal career post-graduation. For a comprehensive look at courses by year, visit our Law School Curriculum page.

Part-Time Law School Program

San Francisco Law School offers a part-time program to provide more options and greater flexibility to students. The part-time program spans four years and features evening classes held four nights a week, Mondays through Thursdays, with some elective classes offered on the weekend. Moot Court, Bar Skills courses, and some other courses are offered in the summer.

Campus Locations:

Prepare for the California Bar Exam

Students at San Francisco Law School are instructed in all subjects tested on the California Bar Examination. Upon completion of the Juris Doctor degree program, students will be required to pass the California Bar Examination in order to be eligible to practice law. During the J.D. degree program, students will take a Bar Strategies class to help them prepare for the exam. Bar skills courses focuses on time management, writing style and how to identify and analyze a question.

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