San Francisco Law School rose from the rubble of the 1906 earthquake and fire to establish itself as the first evening law school in the western United States. Incorporated in 1909, San Francisco Law School was located at 20 Haight Street since 1968, but recently moved to join the Main Campus at:

Alliant International University
1 Beach Street, 1st Floor, Suite 100
San Francisco, California 94133

Throughout its history, San Francisco Law School has provided a quality legal education for a successful career in the law.

Over the years, graduates of San Francisco Law School have achieved impressive success. Outstanding alumni include former California Governor, the late Edmund (Pat) Brown; former Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy; former Undersecretary of the United States Department of Energy, Joseph Salgado; past President of the California State Bar and Alliant Board member P. Terry Anderlini; human rights activist Wayne Collins; past President of the National Bar Association Thomas Broome; and former California State Senator Milton Marks.

San Francisco Law School is also proud of its graduates in the judiciary, who include the Hon. Victor Campilango, Merle Eaton, Eugene Krum, Betty Lamoreaux, Philip Moscone, Bonnie Sabraw, Lynn O’Malley Taylor and Marilyn Pestarino Zecher.

In addition, San Francisco Law School’s graduates include many renowned California attorneys who have distinguished themselves in private practice as well as in public service as district attorneys and public defenders.

SLFS Alumni Spotlight

Wayne Collins


Although Wayne Collins’ most notable legacy is arguing before the United States Supreme Court on behalf of Fred Korematsu in the landmark case, Korematsu v. United States, it was his unwavering commitment to human rights after that period that has earned my admiration and respect. Mr. Collins’ less notable cases include successfully fighting the inhumane treatment and conditions of Japanese Americans interned at the Tule Lake Segregation Center and establishing the unconstitutionality of the Renunciation Act of 1944. As a testament of his moral resolve, Mr. Collins led those legal battles alone due to the political climate at the time. Mr. Collins continued to represent countless Americans, in all capacities, in fighting to protect their civil rights. For that reason and many more, it is with great pride that I attend his alma mater, San Francisco Law School.

Richard Tan

Richard Tan - SFLS Student

Mr. Richard Tan competed in the 30th Annual Criminal Procedure/National Moot Court Tournament. This is a moot court competition with teams from some of the top law schools in the country. Mr. Tan and won the Best Brief award, which is one of the top two awards of the competition.

When asked why he decided to attend SFLS after graduating from Stanford University, he said:

“A few years before going to law school, my mentor, a union and criminal defense attorney, recommended that I look up Charles Garry. Charles Garry was a graduate of the SFLS. My mentor worked with Garry when he was just out of law school, and told me to pick up a copy of “Streetfighter in the Courtroom”, Garry’s autobiography. It is an amazing book. Among many other things, Garry wrote about fighting the House Unamerican Activities Committee as President of the San Francisco Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild in the 1950s; about defending Huey P. Newton in his murder trial in 1967 and then serving as chief counsel for the Panthers; and about defending the Oakland Seven when they were targeted for protesting the Vietnam War in 1969.”

We at SFLS are proud to have such distinguished alumni and we will be commemorating them and their achievements as much as we can in the rest of 2018, into 2019, and beyond.

History of SFLS in San Diego

As a fully accredited branch campus of the San Francisco Law School, San Diego is in the process of building on a tradition of more than 100 years of legal education. San Francisco Law School rose from the 1906 earthquake and fire to serve the business and opportunity populations of San Francisco. The San Diego campus of San Francisco Law School is ready to write its own chapter.

The San Diego campus of SFLS is the first California-accredited law school in the San Diego area. The small classes, affordable tuition and financial assistance for qualified students make it a viable option for those who prefer an academic atmosphere in which a great degree of personal attention is the norm.