About San Francisco Law School

For over 100 years, San Francisco Law School has been providing a quality legal education to a diverse student body – many of whom also work and have family responsibilities while attending earning their law degree, the Juris Doctorate.

San Francisco Law School offers a full-time legal program (JD) and an evening part-time program.

The full-time program is three years, and the part-time program spans four years with classes held four nights a week – Mondays through Thursdays. Moot Court, Bar Examination-preparation classes and some other courses are offered in the summer. Electives are often offered on the weekend.

Students at San Francisco Law School are instructed in all subjects tested on the California Bar Examination.

As the oldest evening law school in the western United States, San Francisco Law School

  • was incorporated in 1909
  • is one of the first law schools to be accredited by the State Bar of California and has enjoyed continuous accreditation since 1937

San Francisco Law School is committed to delivering a quality legal education and creating opportunity for legal students in California.

  • With an inclusive culture and continuous commitment to diversity, San Francisco Law School was one of the first in California to actively seek out and enroll women and minority students.
  • Many students at San Francisco Law School are the first in their families to seek a graduate degree.
  • San Francisco Law School’s student body welcomes diversity and represents many different professions and aspirations.

Learn From A Faculty of Practicing Attorneys and Judges

  • San Francisco Law School has a proud tradition of a faculty of practicing attorneys and judges which allow them to bring realistic considerations into the classroom.
  • Students have access to clinical fieldwork and internships in which to gain professional exposure while in law school.

Study at San Francisco’s Most Affordable Law School

  • San Francisco Law School strives to maintain an affordable legal program.
  • Financial aid and scholarship assistance is available for qualifying law students
  • San Francisco Law School is easily accessible to those who work and live in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

“A law degree can make a difference in your life and the lives of others”

About San Diego Law School

San Diego Law School is the recently opened branch campus of San Francisco Law School of Alliant International University. For over 100 years, we have been providing a quality legal education to a diverse student body — many of whom balance work and family responsibilities while attending law school. Successful completion of the San Francisco or San Diego Law School curriculum entitles our graduates to be awarded a J.D. – a Doctorate of Jurisprudence.

The San Diego Law School legal program is a part-time, evening program. Courses at San Diego Law School are taught by a distinguished faculty of attorneys. The sound legal education offered at San Diego Law School is supported by legal-writing and legal-analysis seminars, especially during the early years when many law students need the most assistance. Weekly Academic Support sessions are open to all students. Required courses are supplemented by interesting elective programs and seminars which are sensitive to the needs of a diverse student body. The goal of San Diego Law School is to ensure that each student who enters the law school receives a quality legal education in preparation for the professional challenges ahead.

San Diego Law School’s students reap the benefit of having one of the most affordable tuition rates in the area –about half that of local ABA schools .

  • One of the oldest opportunity law schools in the western United States
  • Committed to a quality legal education
  • A faculty composed of experienced attorneys