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The Mission of San Diego Law School

San Diego Law School is dedicated to the providing students of diverse backgrounds the opportunity for a quality legal education.  San Diego Law School understands that students often must learn to balance work and family responsibilities in a demanding law school environment.

For 100 years, San Francisco Law School has been devoted to educating attorneys who embody the highest skills of the legal profession and are committed to the ethical practice of the profession.   In March 2013, the State Bar of California, Committee of Bar Examiners approved the expansion of San Francisco Law School to include a branch campus in San Diego.  San Diego Law School is a natural complement to the existing legal program and provides even greater options and flexibility.

San Diego Law School is part of a law school and a university that are steeped in traditions of non-discrimination, diversity and opportunity - where students seek to better their own lives and that of their families.  Historically, our students are the first in their families to be in a doctoral program and, for some, the first to have graduated from college.