Education is one of the most rewarding fields. By working directly with young people, you can serve as a role model, enrich lives, and share your passion about a subject matter or field.

Whether you feel called to teach elementary, middle, high school, or special needs students, a credential program can help you demonstrate your expertise in the classroom. If you want to work with children who need extra attention as a school counselor or school psychologist, a credential program provides you with the right training to support and advocate for these children who need understanding and compassion to overcome challenges.

Alliant International University’s California School of Education (CSOE) offers the relevant credentials programs that align with the needs of educators and administrators.

CSOE is known as one of California’s leaders in awarding teaching, psychology, and counseling credentials. Our credentials programs are online, so they’re designed to be completed on your schedule and from the convenience of your home. We offer internships not only because they’re required by the State of California, but also because we know real-world classroom experience helps our candidates gain the comfort and confidence they need to succeed. Like everything we do at Alliant, this helps students put their learning into practice and gain the classroom skills they need to thrive in their careers.