A bachelor’s degree provides a foundation of experience, knowledge, and memories, so it’s important to choose the program and university that best meets the goals you’ve set for yourself today and in the future.

Alliant’s bachelor’s degree programs will prepare you for not just your chosen career path, but also for the challenges, situations, and opportunities that await you as a professional. And with our Fast-Track Master’s Programs, you can begin earning credits and real-life experience in an advanced field while still working toward your bachelor’s degree.

The Alliant Choice

As the first step in your academic career, your bachelor’s degree sets the stage for the rest of your journey. At Alliant, you’ll learn from some of the nation’s most reputable experts, many of whom still practice their professions, in addition to teaching. By studying under their expertise, you gain a high level of knowledge that better prepares you for real-world applications.

With California campuses as well as online degree programs, Alliant’s flexible program options allow you to achieve your education goals in whatever way fits best with your life. Our undergrad degrees in Business, Psychology, and Project Management allow you to move forward in a meaningful career path, or pursue further education that advances you in your field.

Bachelor’s  Programs

Learn more about our bachelor’s degree programs at one of our California campuses, or contact Alliant for more information.