Applied research and scholarship constitute one of the four pillars of Alliant’s mission.  Conducting research and producing scholarly presentations and publications are a hallmark of an active, engaged professional.  Our approach to research at Alliant is applied, as compared to theoretical, thereby ensuring that the scholarly activities which our students and faculty engage in have real-world utility and application. Engaging in scholarship that is relevant to today’s issues and problems allows our students and faculty to successfully address contemporary needs and make a real difference in their communities and in their fields of study.

Alliant offers students the opportunity to partner with faculty around research areas of mutual interest.  Students who come to Alliant with strong interest or passion in an area may find faculty who share compatible interests with which to work.  For students with less clear interests, initial coursework and field experiences expose them to faculty engaged in a wide variety of activities that help students see important unanswered research questions and areas worth pursuing.

Alliant faculty have given more than 2,000 scholarly presentations since 2005 and published more than 700 scholarly works and publications (journal articles, books, chapters, presentations) in a recent five year period.  Many of these presentations and publications involved collaborations with students.